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Since 1853, Goyard travel box by skilled artisans to follow the highest standards of special hand built, but the traditional method of making their use has been handed down for more than 160 years, never change. Although the Goyard is determined to uphold the fine traditions, but that did not stop the constant self innovation. Pullman is a great example of Goyard trunk, long Bold Talent -- it perfectly show the aesthetic and technique of traditional brand stands for a long time, also let travel box face take on an altogether new aspect. Unlike other Goyard suitcase is Pullman, and not equipped with external birch reinforcing rods, which further highlights its neat smooth, simple shape. But the drawer handle Art Deco style can attract the eyes of the connoisseur. The famous French Renaissance writer Michel de s. Mengtai Nirvana (Michel de Montaigne) wrote: "any too easily things will be worthless, and the true beauty is not likely to be found in the case of no inspiration." This maxim to apply in the appropriate Pullman trunk: it is light, firm, innovation and tradition in a body, is the ideal entry level products of Goyard eternal and elegant life of travel art.